The African Chamber of Commerce Scandinavia

The ACCS’s mission is to expand, create and promote business and investment opportunities between Africa and Scandinavia.
Our vision is to establish ourselves as a dynamic and innovative organization that specializes in connecting Scandinavians and Africans who wish to create a partnership, trade, or do business.
ACCS accomplishes its mission by providing tools, resources and training that supports a better understanding of Scandinavian and African business environments. This ensures the development of knowledge and skills transfer which result in sustainable growth.


Our objectives are grounded in our mission and vision which is to expand, create and promote business and investment opportunities between Scandinavia and Africa. By default this includes reinforcing existing cooperation and partnerships between the two regions and to help Africa in its effort to compete on a global scale.

Our objectives are to:

  • Create jobs.
  • Help increase trade between Africa and Scandinavia.
  • Provide African entrepreneurs and companies with high level training programs.
  • Reinforce partnerships between Scandinavia and African governments.
  • Provide a secure platform for Scandinavian companies to do business, trade and for investing in Africa.
  • Create a database of products and services currently available and not available in the Scandinavian market as well as in the African market.
  • Provide markets for these products where the need is present in Scandinavia or Africa.

Why choose ACCS for your entry mode?

We are your efficient partner in establishing your business or product in both Scandinavia and Africa. Most African businesses rely on their respective embassies for exporting their products/services to Scandinavia. Unfortunately embassies rotate their main officials every five to six years respectively. This means that they never have staff that has sufficient knowledge about the Scandinavian markets.

ACCS bridges that problem; we have permanent staff members that are ready to work hard so you do not have to when it comes to finding the right partner or investment opportunity. Likewise we facilitate the same process for Scandinavian businesses in Africa.  Dealing with the African business protocol and etiquette can be a frustrating challenge for Scandinavian businesses. ACCS facilitates that process to insure a smooth and timely transition for Scandinavian businesses.