ACCS serves as a:

  • Facilitator for Scandinavian companies that are interested in establishing or expanding their strategic activities in Africa.
  • Door and Key for African companies who desire to export their products to Scandinavia.
  • Networking platform where trade contacts can be established between companies in Africa and Scandinavia.
  • Bridge between government officials, authorities and trade organizations represented both in Africa and Scandinavia.

The purpose here is to present new and creative strategies to revitalize and strengthen African institutions (government, chambers, trade centers, and embassies) and help them build a long lasting trade relationship with Scandinavian authorities and companies.

It is our ambition that the strategies will rejuvenate both Africa and Scandinavia in their ambitions to improve Trade cooperation with each other.

Our network includes establishing and building strong partnerships with trade organizations, embassies, government institutions, multinational companies, financial institutions, universities, education centers and private business.

In doing so, our aim is to:

  • To help African Embassies proactively promote their countries in the Scandinavian market.
  • To change the mindset of Scandinavia top managers.
  • To change the mindset of African leaders (government).
  • To portray a positive image of Africa.
  • To find better diplomatic ways and strategies to overcome hindrances for foreign direct investment in Africa.



Market entry mode

This requires special knowledge of Africa that has been acquired through learning and years of experience in dealing with the African business environment. Scandinavian companies that are interested in making their entry successful need the assistance of competent people who are familiar with Africa/Africans and have an inherent and unique experience in dealing with Africans while having an in-depth knowledge of Scandinavian business protocol.

Personalized services are provided when companies’ activities and tasks match the schedule, qualification, skills and background of our team.  In consultancy we help Scandinavian businesses with:

  • Finding partners.
  • Finding customers.
  • Business trips to Africa.
  • Business trips to Scandinavia.



The purpose of our conference program is to bring together Scandinavian companies, Private entrepreneurs and investors with African companies and private entrepreneurs. This is a platform for partnership, networking and thereby establishing valuable business contacts between the parties involved. Everything related to African events or activities will be taken care of by the Event Committee.


Our forum provides information about business and investment opportunities in Africa and Scandinavian markets. It assists companies wishing to export or expand to specific markets.



Our workshops are a series of educational and work sessions where small groups of employees operating in the same company or in different companies meet together over a short period of time to learn about a defined area of interest and to learn about African culture and business environment. The workshops are run by experts from all over the world and in particular, from Africa and Europe.


ACCS’s training courses are designed to provide African companies, private businesses, or government officials with necessary knowledge to develop their leadership skills.


An ACCS seminar involves a lecture or presentation delivered by one of ACCS staff to a company on a particular topic or set of topics that are meant to make them successful in trading with Africa or vice versa.


A main goal of ACCS is the establishment of a unique database that will lead to the largest database of products and services relevant to both Scandinavia and Africa covering all sectors of activity. The purpose of this database is to assist in determining products and/or services available in any given country whether African or Scandinavian. Our database will provide useful information on new untapped business opportunities in Scandinavia and Africa.